PrintThe Rain Clouds are co-working and incubation workspaces that offer a home to organisations bringing innovation to target markets in locations that are geographically relevant to their verticals. 

We recognise that tech startups on their own have never solved anything on their own. So we welcome start-ups, think tanks, charities and existing small and micro businesses that have a common purpose and encourage them to work together for mutual benefit.

But no one wants space alone, so we provide mentoring, training and – occasionally – investment, to supplement the core value provided by our space and community.


“London is one of the top global centres for big data, machine learning and cyber security – possibly the leading centre worldwide. These are the critical technical domains for complex GovTech and CivTech systems. Getting the latest research out of our world-class universities and into start ups will be the basis for a major new tech segment and we expect London to lead globally.”

Dr Alastair Moore, UCL

“The Rain Cloud is a genuinely supportive environment where we have found excellent mentoring and some great partners. We are talking to other members about collocation and have agreed two pilot projects, one of which has already led to a sale.”

Ed Dowding, Founder,

“Tim and his team have unmatched experience in delivering start-up support in London. Harnessing real entrepreneurs, technical experts and government specialists has made their model one to watch and is a first in the area of government-focused launch programmes.”

John Spindler, CEO, Capital Enterprise and the AI Seed Fund

“The Rain Cloud Westminster is a fantastic space for startups looking for support from entrepreneurs and potential partners that have made a success of working with government. I wish it had been around when we started. It might well have helped us reach success a lot earlier.”

Dr Dan Brown, Founder, Meganexus