We are delighted that the Westminster Business Council has shortlisted the Rain Gods in the diversity category of their annual business awards for 2019.

The focus of our nomination was the Rain Cloud Westminster and the high proportion of female members and female-led organisations that we have in the space, which is significantly higher than other co-working spaces across London and the UK.

We have now reached the point where 52% of members are female. Co-working spaces typically see around one third of their membership being female. For comparison, it’s 41% at WeWork and the total share of all jobs held by females in London is 44%.

Our members are not just hiring females into low-level and support roles. 40% of our female members are leaders or deputy-leaders in their organisations. Across the London workforce, only 10% of females are in leadership positions. When you look at the organisations themselves, 13 out of 19 (68%) of our member organisations have female leaders, deputy-leaders or both, including Corrick & Wales, NACUE, The Food Foundation, The Politics Project, CyNation and The Association for Citizenship Teaching.

As part of a conscious effort to support women working in Rain Cloud member organisations, The Rain Gods was the first SME to sign up to the Tech Talent Charter, which promotes underrepresented groups in start ups, and the OneTech diversity initiative from Capital Enterprise and the Mayor of London.

The award winner will be announced on 22 October.

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