Like the invite says, we opened in 2016 and have now passed the important milestone of three years.

Co-working spaces work in dog years, so that means we are really 21, so now we can have an adult party (with beer) but still keep some fun things, like cake and entertainers. Promise there will be no clowns though. Clowns are evil. It’s on the internet so it’s a fact.

The photo at the top was taken when we opened in 2016. This event will be more fun. Most of the people will be coming, though, so you can laugh at how young they all looked back then.

Friends, family, colleagues, current members, past members, politicians, investors, think-tank types, civil servants, policy wonks, start up folk, charity folk, folk-singing folk, folk just singing… all welcome. Just let us know if you are coming.

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