The Rain Clouds are a new concept in co-working and incubation spaces. They are managed by The Rain Gods (obviously).

The first location is Rain Cloud Victoria. We may get round to opening other locations in the next couple of years but are not in any hurry. The need for rain is not likely to end anytime soon.

Want to jump on the cloud? You will be welcome from July 2016. Get in touch and book a tour.


Timothy Barnes

Timothy Barnes is the founder of the Rain Gods and the Rain Cloud incubators concept. He has nearly 20 years of experience of incubators, start up support, venture capital and tech transfer.

Tim holds the Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion and is a former member of the Maserati 100.


Rachael Corson helps to manage the Rain Cloud Victoria community as well as the CivTech Forum.

She is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Afrocenchix, an all-natural hair care products business.


RainCloud071116-0299LowResShakira Clemente oversees the Rain Cloud Victoria workspace to make sure things run smoothly, most of the time at least.

When she is not working with in the Rain Cloud, she is studying at Westminster Kingsway College where she is completeing a Level 5 apprenticeship in entrepreneurship through the Peter Jones Academy.