Past Events

Previous events - Techie’s Lunch – Tuesday 3rd October 2017 Researcher’s Lunch (with Show & Tell from NLGN) – Tuesday 7th November 2017 GDPR Lunch – Wednesday 16th August  2017 Techie’s Lunch – Tuesday 8th August  2017 Summer CivTech Forum – Mon 14th Aug 2017 Researcher’s Lunch – Tuesday 5th September 2017  

Tues 13th Feb 2018 – SMEs and Government Procurement Roundtable

Recent events concerning major service suppliers to UK government, including Carillion and Capita, highlighted the extent to which a large proportion of services have become concentrated in realtively few hands. To address this issue, the CivTechForum, together with The Rain Gods and Spend Network, hosted a round table discussion on SMEs and government procurement.

Mon 12th Feb 2018 – Winter CivTech Forum

  • Networking
  • Free drinks
  • Expert CivTech talks

Researchers Lunch – Thursday 15th Feb

Techie Tuesday – Tuesday 9th Jan

  • Free pizza
  • Show & Tell from Focal Data
  • Networking and problem solving with fellow researcher’s in the field