The Rain Cloud Westminster was opened in 2016 as the first private space in the world dedicated to supporting organisations bringing innovation to government and the public sector. It provides a home for the UK’s GovTech and CivTech communities.

Members are looking to bring change to public services, communications between government and the people or the very nature of democracy itself. This might be by selling services to government, making things using government data, or an enabler who works in the sector and wants to develop networks and build partnerships with tangible value.

What’s included?

  • 90 desk co-working space across 2 floors
  • Dedicated or hot-desk
  • 3 (shortly to be 4) meeting rooms (fair use!)
  • Fair-use printing and copying
  • Stupid-fast wifi and wired internet access
  • In the heart of Westminster
  • 5 mins from St James Park tube, 6 mins from Victoria station/tube, 12 minutes from Parliament
  • Cycle racks
  • Break out spaces and a couple of sofas
  • Free tea and coffee for members
  • On-site restaurants, cafeteria and conference centre
  • Community events programme

Government is the biggest industry on the planet and the least affected by digital transformation.

We’re for the people who want to do something about that.



For large companies that want to spend time being inspired by innovative young tech firms such as those you can find in The Rain Cloud without looking
For start ups and small businesses that have a chance to change government, democracy, politics or public services.
For actual charities not charity cases 🙂
Depending on the number of hours you expect to be around each week.

All prices are based on per person, per desk, per month, and exclude VAT.

Unlike many London co-working spaces there are no add on costs for use of the meeting rooms, the coffee machine, printing or the air you breath – as long as you use all of the facilities in a reasonable manner.

You can vary the number of desks you need (up or down) or tell us you are leaving all with just one month’s notice – no penalties will apply (so far, though, no one has left, so, you know, we are pretty relaxed about this part).

House Rules

Members of the Rain Cloud agree:

  • To help other occupants to start, grow and build their projects.
  • To play an active role in the community in the facility.
  • To support the public good and engage in activities that benefit society.
  • To provide work experience and internship opportunities.
  • To celebrate the successes of your own business and others.
  • To not inhibit the success of any member of the facility.
  • To not be an arse.

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