Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers Innovations is an independent research programme to inform the radical improvement of public services using locality-driven, joined-up approaches as opposed to top-down driven blueprints.

We work to help shape a new core discipline in UK public services – that of place-based commissioning. Place-based or locality commissioners such as Metro Mayors, Police and Crime Commissioners and NHS STP leads are now playing a pivotal role that requires them to think and operate outside their normal silos such as health, criminal justice and local government and rebuild services around place, people and the local economy.

Uplifting Data

At UpliftingData we are dedicated to using data to do good in the world. We use a combination of cutting edge analytic techniques and decades of data experience to help charities, social enterprises and community groups to do more with less.


The First Insights-as-a-Service (IaaS) Platform to help you be Customer Centric.

Knowing your customer’s frustrations and problems as they happen, allows you to provide a better service. Our technology makes this easy and simple for you to do.

The Coalition for Global Prosperity

The Coalition for Global Prosperity (CGP) is a coalition of political, military and faith leaders who all believe that the UK should be at the forefront of the global efforts to save lives, alleviate poverty and hunger, and expand economic opportunity. Through a strong aid budget and an active diplomatic and defence strategy the UK can be a powerful force for good in the world. Now is the time for us to lead.
The CGP works in Westminster and across the country to educate and engage policy makers and thought leaders on the importance of the UK’s role in the world, and the impact on our aid spending.


We use open source technologies to deliver essential information and vital services to more than 100 million people in over 54 countries. Partnering with governments, NGOs and social enterprises, we provide our users with information, inspiration, and access to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Social Innovation Partnership

The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) is a dynamic social consultancy, innovating for public good.

TSIP acts as a trusted advisor to central and local government, leading foundations and charities, and private sector organisations working with civil society.

We support our clients in their work to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges,  tailoring our support to each project and drawing on expertise in interdisciplinary research, strategy consulting, civic engagement, social impact evaluation and civic technology.

TSIP takes a proactive and citizen-centred design approach, driving cross-sector engagement to deliver transformational change and enable our clients to secure economic and social value.

Dragon Gate

Making Public Sector reform a challenge, not a barrier

Having the confidence to enter new and culturally different markets takes courage, perseverance and most of all strong practical understanding of the areas you want to do business. Working with the public sector is no different.

Since our formation in 2012 our evidence-based, step-by-step approach in imparting knowledge and practical understanding has empowered companies we have worked with to do better business with the complex, policy-driven needs of public sector clients.

DragonGate research and market intelligence (DGMI) breaks down the manifold challenges and vastness of the UK public sector into manageable areas of business focus.


We help organisations improve their security and compliance posture by providing innovative, automated solutions and services that encompass people, processes and technology creating an enterprise wide culture which enables organisations to become more resilient and effective against threats.

Organisations across all sectors and sizes are faced with having to manage relentless cyber threats and increasing compliance demands such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to manage this, organisations will have to address information security in an altogether different manner. At CyNation, we believe that automation will resolve these issues. Our solutions aim at providing on-going visibility and monitoring of an organisation’s cyber security and compliance posture, enabling immediate remediation and instant reporting. Only integration of systems and automation will enhance organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with cyber security threats and compliance demands.

The Red Tape Initiative

The Red Tape Initiative is a wholly non-partisan project, bringing together remainers and leavers in all three major UK-wide political parties to forge a consensus on the regulatory changes that could benefit both businesses and their employees in a post-Brexit Britain.

Leading Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians have agreed to join the Advisory Board, alongside other distinguished people entirely independent from any political party.

The CBI, BCC, IOD and FSB are working with the RTI to construct groups of experts from a range of industries – as well as representatives of environmental and other NGOs – who can help us identify changes that could quickly be made in specific areas of EU regulation, with immediate benefits for jobs and businesses in the UK and with no adverse effects on our ecology or our society. We will be consulting relevant trade unions – via the TUC – on the proposals that emerge, in order to ensure that they are acceptable to employees as well as employers.