Simple Politics

Simple Politics exists to simplify politics. Our founder and director, Tatton Spiller, was a teacher. He saw too many students and colleagues who couldn’t get a handle on politics. It all just seemed too big and too complicated. So he quit teaching to set up Simple Politics. 

In order to do that, we try to explain processes, break down arguments and go through some of the more complicated terms used. We also hope that our social media streams are an enjoyable and easy way to keep up with what’s going on.

Our first aims in everything we publish is to be clear, accurate and impartial. If speed and speculation is your thing, you may want to look elsewhere. After that we try to be engaging and even humorous. It doesn’t always work.

We do what we can to be neutral. It’s not easy. Generally, we try to agree with whatever we are explaining. So, if we’re breaking down Socialism, for example, we do so in a favourable light. That way, we try to promote everything and hope it balances out in the end. In the case of specific issues, we try to explain all sides of the debate.

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